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Hellooooo, I'm Gaby. I decided to start this blog to keep myself motivated and just have a way of sharing ideas and share my progress. Follow my TIU instagram for my everyday life.

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#instahaul? I finally bought a new yoga mat! Yayyy! I’ve wanted a thicker one for forever because the one I have hurts on anything other than carpet. And it’s reversible! (The other side is an light blue/aqua color like the design)
My friend and I are also doing the bubble run tomorrow! When I went to pick up our packets earlier they had run out of shirts that were either a Small or a Medium so we have to pick our shirts up tomorrow. (Which defeats the purpose of early registration right?) I also kind of hate running in sleeves and I came across a white tank at the store for $6 so I bought that. Which just so happens to match the shorts I bought earlier this week with the threading. And since I only have black workout shorts I found pink ones at Kohls for like $8 and I found the purple yoga shirt for $8 too. Yay for sales! Also, I wanted to take pictures tomorrow and I found a waterproof case on amazon for $10. I got it in last night and it totally works. And considering I just need it to protect my phone against bubbles I think it’ll be safe. But yay I’m excited for tomorrow. Whooo!πŸ”΅βšͺπŸ”΅βšͺπŸ”΅βšͺπŸ”΅<— there’s no emoji bubbles

Vegan sushi. Isn’t the caterpillar cute? πŸ› Haha I also bought the spring rolls so I can eat them during the break in my next class.

πŸ›It was cute enough to take a picture of it. 😝 #caterpillarroll #vegansushi

Easiest and most random thing I have ever made. Going to have to put some on a waffle or something tomorrow morning. πŸ˜‰


Join in if you want. It’s the same as the one you google I just changed the background on it so I can keep it on my phone. I’m probably going to do these along with my booty call in the morning.
If you want me to email the picture to you let me know. 😊

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Youtubed “relaxation yoga” for a quick PMWO and came across this one called “20 minute yoga class: relaxation” off plumtv. Perfect for the long day I had. πŸ™ Now off to sleep because I’m tired.

Under the Sea workout for my booty call this morning.
I have an oceanography midterm today so I’m hoping it gives me good vibes. 🐠🐬🐳

#tiu #tiuteam #toneitup #bootycall #karenakatrina #beachbabe #underthesea #workout

A few hours late, but here’s my morning booty call. Did the Cowabunga total body toning workout x3. Guess I felt like a true California girl today even though I hate sand. β˜€πŸ„

Woke up a bit late for my Booty Call this morning, but still managed to do the Bikini Abs and Tone the Inner Thighs WO is the link 😊

#tiu #toneitup #tiuteam #karenakatrina #bootycall